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Zachary Seibert is an Oracle, Wisdom Teacher, and Energetic Practitioner. Spiritually awakened at a very young age, his entire life has been dedicated to the expansion of consciousness. He has studied a wide variety of energetic and divination techniques, from which he has constructed his own unique modalities designed to unfold the spiritual potential of his clients. Zachary offers classes and workshops on consciousness and spiritual technologies drawn from the benefit of his extensive explorations and research. He graduated from the South West Institute of Healing Arts with a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology in 2009.

He became an Associate Instructor with the Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education in January of 2011 and the Director of the Department of Spiritual Arts & Technologies in May. Zachary is the channel-author of Ten-Thousand Messiahs in the Temple of Knowledge, and is currently working on developing an extensive and ongoing research documentary of the spiritual technologies in use by humanity.

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Course profiles:Magic in the 21st Century: Spiritual Technologies for a World in Transition
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