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Treesong is an educator, author, community radio host, and Real Life Superhero. As an undergraduate student in philosophy at SIUC, he bridged the gap between theory and practice. While he was studying environmental ethics in his courses, Treesong was also exploring applied environmental ethics through his involvement in the Student Environmental Center at SIUC and other grassroots ecological and social justice organizations. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from SIUC in 2000, completed the Ecology and Community program at the Institute for Social Ecology in 2001 and 2002, and completed a Permaculture Consultant Design Course at the Earth Activist Training in 2006.

Treesong is the author of Revolution of One: A Simple Guide to Reclaiming Your Life and Transforming Our World. This book draws on an understanding of dialectical and integral philosophy to present a simple and accessible self-help program for personal growth and community development.

Currently, Treesong is working on several writing projects as well as curriculum development and research at CSIIE.

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Course profiles:Global Warming 101: An Introduction to Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, We Can Be Heroes: Pop Culture as Modern Mythology
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