Center for Spiritual Inquiry and Integral Education


The faculty of the Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education (CSIIE) strongly believes in your empowerment and support as a learner. We welcome any suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning your experiences with CSIIE. In order to best serve you the CSIIE Ombudsperson, Anthony Graham, will address any issues or suggestions that may arise. Anthony is a neutral party of CSIIE and can discuss issues with you and with our faculty directly. Anonymity is an option when contacting our ombudsperson. Anthony can be contacted at

Online Protocol:

Submit an email to the Ombudsperson containing the following information:

  1. Name (optional)
  2. Course Involved
  3. Instructor/Presenter Involved
  4. Suggestion, Comment, Complaint explained in detail
  5. Course of action you suggest
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