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CSIIE offers a wide variety of consulting services. Some of these services are offered by CSIIE as an organization (including our faculty/instructors) while others are offered by individual CSIIE Associates.

General Integral Consulting

Are you interested in bringing an integral emancipatory perspective to the growth of your organization and its practices? Are you looking to enhance your innovative and creative capacities, sociopolitical effectiveness, and ways of assessing your strenghts and weakness, within a healthy sustainable system of growth? Are you looking to find new ways to resolve your organization's conflicts that stop the flow of creative energy for growth? Then we may be what you are looking for. CSIIE's General Integral Consulting services will help you develop an integral perspective and apply it successfully in your chosen field(s) of practice.

Our services are for clients at all levels. We specialize in services for consultants themselves, for trainers of trainers, and educators of educators and therapists of therapists. What goes into making a healthy integral analyst, intervener, policy-maker, educator, manager, leader and therapist? This is the basis of our point of dialogue with all our clients, based on their particular needs and desires.

Dr. Fisher also specializes in fearology, fearanalysis, conflictwork, non-violence, critical adult education as social activism, holistic-integral curriculum design and pedagogy, individual and group coaching, therapeutic counseling and peer-to-peer counseling, and mentorship (his latest project underway is to guide initiates as "fearwalkers". Another term for fearwalkers is "leaders dealing with taboos" and learning how to manage taboos and create taboo scenario planning regimes and processes to circumvent disasters.Learning to manage fear and taboos better in a conflictual postmodern environment, of today, is not just a luxury but imperative to survival for organizations of all kinds.

Emphasis in preliminary work with your organization or problem-solving involves examination of the "problem with the problem" and evolves from there in a co-operative co-inquiry process. Ultimately, Dr. Fisher can help you move your life and/or organizations from a "culture of fear" to a "culture of fearlessness." He offers a Fearologist in Residency program for flexible consulting at your real or virtual location. He is currently working on a model to help schools, colleges and universites, and their communities better deal with and prevent "school shootings." If you hire him for any individual or group therapeutic process work, he specializes in communications, especially at the arational, pre-and trans-personal, the unconscious and pre-linguistic aesthetic realms, including the creative and imaginary capacities we have for change. Simply, if you hire Dr. Fisher, expect he'll do surprising work, operating in the subtle and sublime, working to undermine the taboos that unnecessarily hold you back.

Dr. Fisher's dream consulting contract is working as a "Merlin" (designer-artist) archetype, on a team of diverse people, often leaders, who are attempting to shift themselves and their organizations out of "stuckness" and onto a more generative common platform with high-intense innovation potentials. His skill in "seeing through" the content, masks, and defensive regimes that resist change and transformation, is remarkable and always more than what his clients pay him for. For more information, contact, R. Michael Fisher (new email:

Here's hoping you [Michael] continue to march on with your wisdom and intellectual samurai character, every one who claims to be integral needs to read your work.
Dan McKinnon, Ph.D. registered psychologist, educator, Calgary, AB, Canada

Dr. Fisher’s integral scholarship and his emphasis  on education are qualities that are not easy to find in a small community such as ours.
I am glad that Gaia House has made space available for The Center for Spiritual Inquiry and Integral Education (CSIIE) to begin to manifest.
Donald Doty, Ph.D. registered psychologist, Carbondale, IL, USA

... thank you for the stimulation. Your book [World's Fearlessness Teachings] represents a very important contribution to the future of humanity.

- Dr. Terry Biddington, Revd., Manchester University, UK

CSIIE Associates have built a large network of connections with other integral-based consultants around the world, and we'll co-ordinate those experts in a customized way to meet you and/or your organization's requirements. We are taking on clients in areas of group process work, team-building, organizational growth, assessment and development, as well as areas such as training leaders, administrators, facilitators, trainers, teachers, professors, and parents. Our intimate and collective experience is directed at adult learning, human services, therapies, and growth and transformation processes in general. Body, mind, soul, and spirit development and healthy expression of those aspects, are core to everything we do.

Feel free to contact us for a free one-hour preliminary discussion of how we may serve your needs.

Healing and Fearlessness Consulting

Dr. Fisher is known in some circles as an expert on the 'Fear' Matrix and "culture of fear" phenomenon and fear management/education in general. The most recent expansion in his project is to focus on a critical integral study of taboos. He has done extensive research in these areas for over two decades and developed the practical methodology of fearanalysis (see Department of Integral and 'Fear' Studies). His current interest is to work with individuals and organizations of all kinds to help them co-design a fearlessness model (i.e., Love Matrix) for their work and structures. He also has 30 years experience in teaching people and organizations how to shift from a coping culture of fear to a healing culture of fearlessness. See his DIFS 113 course HOW HUMANS ARE HURT AND HOW THEY HEAL, as well he will offer lectures, seminars, workshops on this topic. Research shows that toxic cultures of fear and mistrust (based on a coping model) lead to failing systems relationships and organizational cultures. A culture of trust, justice, and fearlessness (based on a healing model) is an alternative for any sustainable community-based practice in the 21st century. Leaders especially are being called to "step out" and help make this transition and truly take the path to human liberation beyond suffering (i.e., beyond the 'Fear' Matrix). See his recent research paper on The 'Fear' Matrix. Contact Dr. Fisher, through his Department of Integral and 'Fear' Studies for further information on his consulting capabilities. He is currently setting up a practice called Love and Fear Solutions and is taking clients (see BLOG on Aug. 15, 2012 on this site).

Permaculture Design Consulting

Permaculture, short for permanent culture or permanent agriculture, is a design philosophy and practice inspired by the creative relationships and energy flows encountered in living ecological systems. Rather than working against natural energy flows to implement a pre-conceived "cookie cutter" solution, permaculture seeks to work with these flows to design sustainable ecological systems.

The principles and practices of permaculture can be applied in a wide variety of contexts: home gardening, architecture and engineering, city planning, economic development, and more.

For more information, contact our Certified Permaculture Design Consultant, Treesong.

Spiritual Development Consulting

Whether you are developing spiritual practices in your own personal life, as part of a professional practitioner’s model, or building or working within an organization that incorporates such practices, CSIIE’s consulting services in Spiritual Development can assist you in the Journey. These services are entirely non-denominational and focused on engaging the personal process and potential of the individual or group. Whatever your spiritual practices and/or path may be, CSIIE consulting is an ally and a guide in healthy, holistic, and integral development.

For consulting services on integrating spiritual development into your life, practice, or organization, contact the Head of our Department of Spiritual Arts & Technologies, Zachary Seibert.
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