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R. Michael Fisher, Ph.D.

Former Director of CSIIE, Head, Department of Integral & 'Fear' Studies (DIFS)

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R. Michael Fisher

Having been through many innovative career tracks, fundamentally my passions have led me to being an independent scholar, public intellectual, consultant and entrepreneur for over 30 years. I am a hybrid of philosopher/ artist/designer/teacher/therapist, who has studied and applied the work of Ken Wilber and other integral theorists to the general area of curriculum theory and instruction, healing and spiritual development, and specifically to change, transformation and social emancipatory praxis, since the early 1980s. My values and philosophy are transformative-focused around liberation, grounded only partially in the Human Potential and/or New Age and Ecological movements, the latter of which I am often critical. I am located more on a path beginning with the theory and practice of Critical Pedagogy of the Conflict Tradition, Re-evaluation Counseling, Co-Counseling International (and Liberation Peer Counseling), Integral Studies, Sacred Warriorship Studies, Feminist Studies, Leadership Studies, and the World’s Fearlessness Tradition (e.g., see Fearlessness Movement on Wikipedia).

Although living in the USA for the past 7 years, I am a Canadian self-proclaimed fearologist and cultural critic, therapeutic counselor, artist and educator, with a Grad. Dipl. in Ecological Sciences, a BSc in Environmental Biology, a BEd in Science Secondary Education, a Grad. Dipl. in Rehabilitation Studies (Counseling Psychology), an M.A. in Adult Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction. My transdisciplinary research as a scholar and public intellectual has led to many published exhibitions, monographs and articles. I am founder/teacher of the School of Sacred Warriorship (1993-96), co-founder and Director of the In Search of Fearlessness Project & Research Institute (1989-), and founder and Director of the Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education, founder Director of the newly emerging Global Fearanalysis Institute, and Principal of Love and Fear Solutions. Most of my work has been in the context of collaborative emancipatory communities and ‘way out’ ideas and possibilities, which colleagues have often remarked over the years are “off the edge of the edge.”

A prolific writer with over two hundred and fifty publications since 1974, my latest two books are: Philosophy of Fearism: A First E-W Dialogue (with Desh Subba) and, The World's Fearlessness Teachings: A Critical Integral Approach to Fear Management/Education for the 21st Century. I am certified schoolteacher (way back) and a graduate of Level-2 Spiral Dynamics Integral Technology. One of my most fun wild collaborative online projects was creating a virtual Museum of Fearology (2011) @, http://fearlessnessmovement.ning/com

email: r.michaelfisher [at]


Head of the Department of Mythic Ecological Heroism (DMEH)

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TreesongTreesong is an educator, author, community radio host, and Real Life Superhero. As an undergraduate student in philosophy at SIUC, he bridged the gap between theory and practice. While he was studying environmental ethics in his courses, Treesong was also exploring applied environmental ethics through his involvement in the Student Environmental Center at SIUC and other grassroots ecological and social justice organizations. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from SIUC in 2000, completed the Ecology and Community program at the Institute for Social Ecology in 2001 and 2002, and completed a Permaculture Consultant Design Course at the Earth Activist Training in 2006.

Treesong is the author of Change, an urban fantasy novel that explores various perspectives on climate change, social change, and personal change. His nonfiction works include Revolution of One: A Simple Guide to Reclaiming Your Life and Transforming Our World. This book draws on an understanding of dialectical and integral philosophy to present a simple and accessible self-help program for personal growth and community development.

Currently, Treesong is working on several writing projects as well as curriculum development and research at CSIIE.

Zachary Seibert

Head of the Department of Spiritual Arts & Technologies (DSAT)

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Zachary Seibert is an Oracle, Wisdom Teacher, and Energetic Practitioner. Spiritually awakened at a very young age, his entire life has been dedicated to the expansion of consciousness. He has studied a wide variety of energetic and divination techniques, from which he has constructed his own unique modalities designed to unfold the spiritual potential of his clients. Zachary offers classes and workshops on consciousness and spiritual technologies drawn from the benefit of his extensive explorations and research. He graduated from the South West Institute of Healing Arts with a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology in 2009.

Zachary is the founder of Ascension Arts, his private practice in complementary therapies and wisdom teachings. He became an Associate Instructor with the Center for Spiritual Inquiry & Integral Education in January of 2011 and the Head of the Department of Spiritual Arts & Technologies in May. Zachary is the channel-author of Ten-Thousand Messiahs in the Temple of Knowledge, and is currently working on developing an ongoing video ethnography on the culture and practices of contemporary spiritual practitioners.

Adjunct Instructors

Barbara Bickel, Ph.D.

Barbara BickelBarbara Bickel is a practicing a/r/tographer who combines art, education and research practices in a postmodern and integral way. Philosophically, Bickel is a spiritual feminist and completed her dissertation (2008) as a co-researcher with a group of diverse women leaders on a multi-faith planning team. She has received an outstanding dissertation award from the Arts-based SIG of the American Educational Research Association and has published extensively in journals such as Journal of the Motherhood Initiative, Visual Culture and Gender, Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, International Journal of Art and Design Education, Journal of Arts and Community. She is currently Assist. Prof. of Art Education & Director of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, School of Art & Design, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Her art and research can be seen at Barbara is co-founder and artist-member of Gestare Art Collective Her current interest to teach at CSIIE on occasions will be around her work with art, the labyrinth, and Matrixial approaches to inquiry in the spiritual domain (a la Bracha L. Ettinger). For a detailed CV: bickelcv

Jim Hanson, Ph.D.

Jim HansonJim Hanson has been a professor of community development, college instructor of sociology, and a business and development consultant for many agencies. He supports and is involved in several service groups and is a founding member of Shawnee Ventures LLP, Carbondale, Il. He lives with his wife in Collinsville, IL. Jim is recipient of two Buddhist lay ordinations and an independent scholar interested in the role of postmodernism, ontology, and nondual philosophy related to integral philosophy. Currently in retirement, he continues an active research and writing schedule. His many articles have appeared in esteemed journals such as The American Rationalist, Phenomenological Inquiry, Asian Philosophy, Buddhist-Christian Studies, Theology Today, and the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy and he has written two books: The Next Cold War: American Alternatives in the Twentieth Century (Westport, CT: Praeger, 1996) and The Decline of the American Empire (Westport, CT: Prager, 1993). In his spare time, when he is not meditating and enjoying life, he lectures and teaches courses now and then.

Four Arrows, Ed.D., Ph.D.

(aka Don Trent Jacobs) of Cherokee and Irish ancestry is faculty in the College of Leadership and Change at Fielding Graduate University. He has served several years as tenured Associate Professor of Instructional Leadership, Northern Arizona University, and before that as Dean of Education, Oglala Lakota College. He has doctorates in health psychology and curriculum and instruction and is well known for his work in clinical hypnosis. He is an internationally known author of 19 books and numerous chapters/articles, many applying Indigenous ways of knowing to contemporary disciplines, especially relating to education, social justice, and integral ecology. He is co-president of the Northern Arizona Veterans for Peace and a 2004 recipient of the Martin Springer Institute for Holocaust Studies, Moral Courage Award. His current edited book Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education (Routledge) is in process and chapter in press; "Native Studies, Praxis and the Public Good," a chapter in E. Wayne Ross's 5th edition of his well-known social studies text; and his first novel, Last Song of the Whales (2011). He has published numerous chapters in professional and academic books and has many published articles in journals such as Journal of Critical Inquiry, Noetic Science Post, Peace Studies Journal, The Academic Journal of Public Resistance, Advancing Women in Leadership Journal of Academic Leadership. He is well-known as a high-energy multi-talented senior who loves playing music, outdoor sports and horse-riding with high-stakes Equestrian accomplishments. He currently lives with his partner in Mexico and British Columbia. See his website: four arrows (cv)

Guest Instructors

From time to time quality guest lecturers may co-teach courses with our regular instructors and/or teach a special class or event.


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