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R. Michael Fisher
Architecture of Fear to Love
by R. Michael Fisher - Wednesday, September 5, 2012, 04:48 AM

I've recently finished launching the MUSEUM OF FEAROLOGY with my co-curator Trevor Malkinson (Vancouver, BC) on the Beams and Struts ezine site

The title of the exhibit is "Architecture of Fear" and I'd highly recommend you have a browse and hang out at the first virtual museum of this kind. There is a lot there to take in and participate in. In particular I want to draw you to one of our guests Dr. Nan Ellin and her leading-edge work on a new Integral Urbanism and the Architecture of Love. Below is the full 6 pp. document (pdf) she sent us on her description and model of what an Architecture of Love would look like.I thank Island Press and Nan Ellin for permission to reprint this section of her new book (below).

Ellin's book fortcoming from which this pdf excerpt has been taken is called Good Urbanism: Six Steps to Creating Properous Places (Island Press, 2012). go to

Ellin's earlier article "Fear and City Building" is also available in free pdf (originally published in The Hedgehog Review/Fall 2003).