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R. Michael Fisher
World's Fearlessness Teachings Blog Deleted
by R. Michael Fisher - Thursday, May 3, 2012, 03:45 PM

For three and half years the "World's Fearlessness Teachings Blog" (named after my 2010 book) was my primary blog of thoughts and exchanges around fear and fearlessness ideas and a whole lot of other things of concern. I wrote and published over 1200 pages in 256 blogposts (as I recall). The reason I don't know for sure is because that google-account of mine was hacked into as was my gmail ( both are corrupted, and the hacker deleted the blog totally and it is not archived at either, and so, that's all history, and a disappeared history.

Yes, I did back up all the blogs with a hard copy but not a digital one. So, if I ever want to re-publish that material, and I would love to do so in a book or on another archive, it will have to be scanned and/or all re-typed. Yikes...

Just wanted you all to know... from now on use only r.michaelfisher[at] to reach me by email.