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R. Michael Fisher
Occupy Movement & CSIIE & Adult Education
by R. Michael Fisher - Monday, November 28, 2011, 10:16 AM

My background as a critical adult educator has led me to always be in the face of activism and liberation movements. How they conceive of their movement and operate its growth and maturity via pedagogies and curriculum is of great interest to me, as well as the psychological, philosophical, sociological, political and theological aspects to movements. To honor, and at the same time explore via critique, the Occupy Movement today as it emerges, I ask faculty and students to check out my latest:

See Nov. 27, 28, blogposts (

Discussions of how CSIIE can join the Occupy cause, and at the same time keep a foot out of it, are really valuable-- at least, to CSIIE and I would think to Occupy Movement. Time will tell.