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Perfect Makes Practice: Reversing the Flow of Clinical Thinking to Integral Thinking and Back Again
(Perfect Makes Practice)

DIFS 500 is a Professional Graduate Seminar offered in the area of Integral Professional Practice for practitioners who help people change, for the better. Course Purpose is to address the challenging problems many coaches, mediators, counselors and psychotherapists face in adapting integral theory to their practice. It could also be useful for anyone who deals with people problems and helps them come up with solutions, including lawyers, doctors, and even parents and social workers. Basic Pre-requisite is that the learner comes into the course with a year or more study, informal or formal, in integral theory (e.g., the work of Ken Wilber, and/or Spiral Dynamics integral training). Even if you feel naive or inexperienced in integral theory and its applications that is not a problem for this course. This DIFS 500 is the entry level, although it is sophisticated and at a graduate level. DIFS 600 will eventually be created for a "mastery" course for those with DIFS 500 under their belt.

This course design came about because of my many conversations with practitioners in the helping fields who have lots of integral theory reading and study but still feel frustrated in applying it in the everyday of their practice with clients.

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