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How We Are Hurt And How We Heal

DIFS 113 HOW WE ARE HURT AND HOW WE HEAL, is a core theory and practice-based course of four weeks (3 credits). It provides the foundation course for most all the rest of the courses in this department, although it is not a necessary pre-requiiste. A series of 200 and 300 level courses will eventually be developed upon which 113 is the prerequisite.

The course begins along an evolutionary and common sense assumption that what a hurt needs, is to heal. When hurting overtakes with rapidity healing, the human organism and its systems will become polluted with toxic waste. Life then suffers and destructivity outstrips constructivity. Fear grows over love. The question problematized in this course is how come human beings are hurting so much and not healing so much? Has that been because we are ignore-ant as a species of how to heal naturally, or is it because we have lost our memory of how to heal (meaning, of how to turn-on the healing switch that is already there from evolution's past, or some might call it God's gift of grace)? We'll examine how we have been taught to live in a coping not a healing culture. We'll learn the basic theory and practices to reverse this major problem that lies beneath and causes most of the other problems human encounter on this planet. This is a course of improving your innate intelligence to heal, then think, to be wise. Hurting humans can do neither of these very well. The primary model is based on peer-to-peer self-empowering practices of healing and liberation based on the instructors decades of experience and teaching. Beginning date TBA. Instructor R. Michael Fisher.