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(Integral Map 21)

DIFS-311 This program (not a course) is available for the first time on-line to a worldwide audience. If a successful applicant to IM21 you will have mentoring support for anywhere from 6 mo. minimum to 3 yrs maximum in order to integrate your personal and professional life goals. Yet, goals are not enough, you'll need to first connect with your deeper purpose and gift. Those seekers looking for more structure than an Independent Study (see DIFS 300B), this may be the program you are looking for. The IM21 handbook offers you the foundational material to work with, and you may custom-design the focus with the Director of CSIIE and mentors. Start-up time is flexible to your schedule and life-style. Directed by R. M. Fisher (and mentors that the student will be assigned).  IM21 e-brochure