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(Art as Meditation(2))

DIFS-310 This Level Three advanced independent study (6 credits), for those with some experience using arts in therapeutic and spiritual contexts, yet they would like more supervision and support to go deeper in self-awareness practices of contemplation. The focus is on art as an extrovert form of meditation.  You may have taken DIFS-210 or have experience elsewhere. All you'll need is a place to practice that is sacred for you and basic art supplies and a journal. You do not need art training. As an independent study you don't need to take a course, rather you'll have access to a mentor to assist you with discipline practices and reflection on your art and insights, with the intention to challenge your spiritual growth in an integral (balanced) way. This will take place over a 6 month period. The start-up date is flexible depending on your life-style. Mentor: R. Michael Fisher