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(Art as Meditation)

DIFS-210 Register Now. This Level Two independent study (6 credits) gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of contemplative practice with a focus on art as an extrovert form of meditation. Most of us have heard of meditation and we think of sitting quietly with a stilled mind on a pillow for a given time. Some have maybe tried that form of introvert meditation with or without results that are meaningful. Why not try extrovert forms of meditation, like walking, singing, dancing, and yes, visual art-making with journaling. You do not need art experience, nor do you have to have talent as an artist. This latter visual expressive form, using basic art materials has immense potential to bring a new aliveness, centeredness, and creativity to your spiritual and regular life. As an independent study you don't need to take a course, rather you'll have access to a mentor to assist you to get started and reflect with you on your art and insights over a 6 month period. The start-up date is flexible depending on your life-style. Mentor: R. Michael Fisher