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Integralism: Its History, Vision, Politics & Philosophy
(Integral Basics)

DIFS-200F this 13 wk introductory course (6 credits) offers learners inquiry support, for both new and beginner integral enthusiasts and critics or those yet undecided what the whole "integral" thing is all about. Focus will be on studying integralism in the 19-21th century (e.g., Solovyev, Aurobindo, Sorokin, Gebser, Bergson, Whitehead, Heron, Johnston, Wilber, McIntosh). With roots extending back millenia East & West, the integral way is currently finding a new popularity and power as a critical means of analysis and action, especially as it has evolved beyond systems, holistic and integrative philosophies and theories. This is an essential course foundation to other DIFS courses (but not all)--and it would be appropriate to be taken along with DIFS 108 and/or DIFS 107. Start-up date TBA. Instructors: R. M. Fisher & Ken Markley