Center for Spiritual Inquiry and Integral Education

The Department of Mythic Ecological Heroism (DMEH) is devoted to exploring the transformative interplay between mythic narratives, ecological praxis, and personal heroism as a framework for integral development.

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  • DMEH 101 (2 CREDITS) This 4-week course offers an introduction to global warming a.k.a. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change (AGCC). Course topics include a layperson's introduction to the science behind AGCC; a review of the most common arguments against the existence of AGCC; past, present, and future consequences of AGCC; and potential solutions to the climate crisis. Instructor: Treesong. Tuition: $75 (USD). [REGISTER NOW]

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  • DMEH 103 (3 CREDITS) This 7-week course offer an introduction to the Hero's Journey as understood from an integral perspective. Course topics include Joseph Campbell's explanation of the Hero's Journey; how this journey mediates the relationship between the inner/personal and outer/cultural; and critical perspectives on the Hero's Journey. Instructor: Treesong. [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Contact the instructor for more information on future availability]

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  • DMEH 202 (6 CREDITS) This 12-week course offers an overview of many of the positive and negative sides of the environmental and ecological initiatives created in a time of global crises. With many players with differing vested-interests and value-perspectives, often the greatest limitation to our effectiveness for complex solutions is due to the inability to find a perspective that adequately embraces all other perspectives. Without the respect of differing perspectives, and understanding their partial truths and role in an overall plan to improve things, little is accomplished and more often than not more harm is done in the conflict (and enemy-making) that dominates negotiations. In such a complex dilemma as environmental and ecological problems present, a new field of Integral Ecology is primed to help unite multiple perspectives in a new way. The course involves a balance of theory and philosophy with grounded application of integral ecology in case studies. Start-up date TBA. Instructors: Treesong & R. M. Fisher. Tuition: $200 (USD).

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  • DMEH 102 (3 CREDITS) This 7 week course includes interactive dialog and presentations by the instructor on the presence of modern-day mythological narratives in popular culture, including how they reinforce the shadow side of power and how they serve as inspiration for real-world heroic action. Instructor: Treesong. Tuition: $150 (USD). [REGISTER NOW]

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