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by Zachary Seibert - Sunday, July 17, 2011, 10:24 PM
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More thoughts on ethnography as a polarity practice:


In order to shift the perspective on this ethnography from that of empirical research to one of spiritual inquiry, I intend to treat the process of documentation and ethnography as a Polarity Therapy practice. Polarity Therapy is elemental in structure, meaning that it incorporates the five elements of the human energetic/awareness system into each aspect of it’s practice. Earth (structure/foundation), Water (fluidity/resource), Fire (assertion/motivation), Air (thought/communication), and Ether (space/stillness) all energetically combine in the human being to create a complete pattern in constant communication with itself. Following this model, the Polarity practitioner starts each and every one of their practices with the assertion that the client is already in possession of every resource which they require to further their own process of healing or completion. As the client is accepted from the first moment as already complete, the practitioner proceeds with a concentrated neutrality in their own awareness, facilitating and allowing for the client to access and repattern their own potency and health.

Applying these fundamental Polarity principles to the process of ethnography is part of my core research agenda. In approaching ethnographic research through this lens, I believe that I may help to open a space for constructive dialogue between practitioners. Rather than prying into the community of spiritual practitioners filled with expectations about the way in which my inquiries may be met, my intention is to open a nurturing and supportive space in which the subject may freely and openly discuss and elaborate upon the processes which they have moved through to become the practitioners that they are. Working with a community built upon deeply personal and spiritual beliefs and methodologies, I believe that it is imperative that they be treated with the utmost sensitivity, reverence, and neutral awareness. My goal is to participate in a dialogue of potentials, and to allow those potentials to breathe, unfold, and be expressed in new ways.