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by Zachary Seibert - Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 07:30 PM
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Department of Spiritual Arts & Technologies

Research Proposal

Zachary Seibert
June 2011

DSAT Core Research Problems

1: Establish disciplines and methodologies for the pursuit of spiritual arts & technologies.

1.1: Detail baseline commonalities in spiritual practice. Outline the process of cultivation common to most/all spiritual disciplines. Generate systematized and educationally viable methodologies for these pursuits.
1.2: Document process and progress for the emerging methodology and pedagogy in both written documents and video. Make this material available to the public via CSIIE.org and collect reactions from scholars, practitioners, and other parties.
1.3: Draw on Multiple Intelligence Theory, Integral Methodological Pluralism, AQAL Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, etc to create mesh-works of academic validity for DSAT work and methodology.

2: Establish interdisciplinary connections between DSAT methodology and various other fields of research.

2.1: Collect research notes, interviews, and practitioner write-ups from people working in various fields that connect to spiritual arts & technologies.
2.1.1: Initial focus: alternative therapy practitioners, integral researchers, transhumanist theorists and researchers, magical theorists and practitioners, cutting edge or theoretical scientists, philosophers, and artists.
2.2: Determine which fields of research most align with DSAT research goals. Establish interdisciplinary research goals with organizations or individuals within those fields.

6 Month Research Goals

1: Magic in the 21st Century: Spiritual Technology for a World in Transition (3 Modules)

1.1: Document all three modules on video, including my own personal reactions and research notes.
1.2: Collect text and video reactions and interviews from students.
1.3: Compile all documentation into a research presentation.

2: Establish web presence for CSIIE & DSAT as an online learning community.

2.1: Document and upload specific workshops, classes and meetings from CSIIE instructors.

2.2: Document and upload conversations relevant to DSAT research goals, including reactions from and interviews with individual parties involved.

2.3: Collect reactions, interviews, and critiques from other practitioners and scholars in relevant fields.

3: Collect and compile notes and write-ups from practitioners and researchers in fields of spiritual technology and alternative therapies.

3.1: Establish areas of inquiry and research problems common to practitioners in these fields.

3.2: Compile this data for use by future research teams within DSAT.

4: Establish correspondence with scholars, practitioners, and researchers in various fields relevant to DSAT methodologies and research goals

4.1: SWIHA Educators
4.2: Integral Theorists & Organizations

5: Compile notes from all of the above for use in upcoming book proposal.

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